Forty years ago...'72 Canada-Russia Series!

Ask Canadians what the peak of the Cold War was for them and millions will say it was the nail biting, heart wrenching Canada-Russia hockey series in September 1972. Doug Fisher was Hockey Canada's rep during the intense talks with the Soviet Union before the eight-game series. He worked with diplomats, sports officials, the NHLPA and the Red Army - even the KGB and RCMP were keeping a close eye on things. On this site is the unmatchable "inside story" of how that series came to be 40 years ago.

Doug's peers valued his experience campaigning for office, his years on the opposition bench and his awareness of what was possible in the game of politics. His direct involvement as a participant with government bureaucracy, for example Hockey Canada, gave Fisher an inside knowledge of government decision-making. He lobbied the government for support on sports issues, not as a journalist with an axe to grind, but as the chair of Hockey Canada. As a participant he knew how the political process led to power and created policy. more about '72 Canada-Russia Series

Fisher recalls the board “kept telling me ‘you are the only one who can handle Alan Eagleson, Clarence Campbell and Sam Pollock.’” Eagleson trusted Fisher completely calling him his “direct contact with the federal government”.


Others Say

chretienMy first chat on Parliament Hill was with Doug Fisher, then an NDP member, now an Ottawa journalist. It was a difficult conversation because he knew little more French than I knew English, but it was a pleasant encounter. I had introduction to Fisher from Fernand D. Lavergne, who admired him as the guy who had defeated C.D. Howe in Port Arthur, and Fisher took me to the House of Commons.“You’ll be sitting there,” he said pointing to the back row. “Yes,” I replied, “but someday I’ll be there.” I pointed to the front bench. Then Fisher gave me some good advice. “The guys who go to the front bench are the ones who work.” “Don’t worry,” I said. “I will work.”

– Jean Chrétien, Straight From The Heart


Who are the best speakers in the House of Commons in the opinion of their fellow members? PM Diefenbaker, Paul Martin and Douglas Fisher are the choices.


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