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  • Allan
    This has to be tho most important event in hockey's history. Can you imagine that i was at the forum when that game took place !!!! Really, nobody was prepared for such a turn of event....we all though that Canada owned hockey. It was a great lesson even if at the end of it all, we won the series. I...
    Posted in '72 Series
  • Al Navis
    The one thing that you left out in the article on "Coach" was that we analyzed every player from both teams before the series started, giving each player a mark out of 10 for skating, puckhandling, passing, shooting and checking, Percival's "Five Arts of the Game". When all the players were analyzed...
    Posted in Hockey's Percival
  • Jim Farrell
    As a CBC Radio broadcaster with a mandate to do pieces on local and regional history, I naturally interviewed Doug on the subject of his famous defeat of "Minister Of Everything", C.D.Howe for the seat in Port Arthur. And if I'd already admired the man for his journalistic skills, I was blown away b...
    Posted in Others Say
  • George C Hoffman
    I am a wartime member of the Manitoba Dragoons and was well acquainted with Doug. It is with a great deal of interest and pride that we followed his career in public life. Waht a man ! He will be sorely missed by all of us....
    Posted in In loving memory
  • George C Hoffman
    From George Hoffman,a wartime member of the Xll Manitoba Dragoons. I became well acquainted with Doug during our service during wartime. Who knew to what heights he would rise ! !We would meet during the Dragoon's reunions which were taking place during the 80's and early 90's I am terribly proud t...
    Posted in Soldier
  • Dale Lelonde
    Mr. Fisher was a great Canadian. It will be a life long disappointment that I was unable to shake hands and meet with this immense icon of Northwestern Ontario. My good friend Matt Bennett spoke of the eloquent eulogy he performed at his father Glen Bennett's funeral. Truly one of Canada's greatest....
    Posted in Soldier
  • Chris Rees
    Doug Fisher really gave me a love of Canadian politics and helped me to understand that not everyone in Ottawa is a "Lyin' Politician" as my Dad would say. Doug's columns really brought the Ottawa scene and Canada to life for me. I'm too young to have seen him on the Hill but I hear he worked for Di...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Bhupinder S. Liddar
    Sad to know of Doug Fisher's death but he lived a "full" life! My encounters with him were on Parliament Hill - mostly in and around the parking lot when he would be either going to his car or coming to work. The think I most fondly remember was him always taking the time to exchange a few words or ...
    Posted in F. Abbas Rana, The Hill Times
  • Valerie Dennison
    To Matthew, Mark, Tobias, Luke, and John. Every time I visited Ottawa your father would either take me out for lunch, or we would talk on the phone for hours - about you, your children, literature - the list is endless. I came to know him through Tom and Dusty, and felt privileged that ...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Ron Wood
    I don’t often get teary-eyed but I did this morning when I heard that Doug Fisher passed away one day short of his 90th birthday celebration. Doug was one of the all-time great Canadians, a political giant killer when he defeated C.D. Howe in 1957 in Thunder Bay, a legendary journalist columnist, av...
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  • Crazy Canuck Ken Read
    We heard of your fathers passing this morning while reading the newspaper. Lynda and I convey our deepest condolences to you, your brothers and your extended family. Your father not only had remarkable impact on our country, his legacy lives on through all of you. There are just never enough sports-...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Dr. Andrew Pipe
    As did countless Canadians I learned of his death on Friday and immediately my thoughts went out to you and all of your family. The loss of a parent is wrenching; your father was a man of many talents and accomplishments and I know that he was immensely proud of you and all of your achievements. ...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Andy Shaw
    I will miss his presence among us. He was a great man. Andy...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Lt.-Gen. Michel Maisonneuve (ret.)
    Heard about Doug on my return from Norfolk this weekend. Barbara and I want to send our most sincere condolences. I have to say I had heard of your dad before even meeting you, and used to read his columns quite often. He was an incredible Canadian, and I am sure you must have been very proud of him...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Christopher Alexander
    Doug was a titan – one of those dynamos combining energy and character in oversized doses which our generation quite frankly cannot match. We are cosseted, narrow-minded, escapist hedonists by comparison. He was the definition of the public-spirited Renaissance man. What an era he lived through! Fr...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Peter Worthington
    We were all shocked to hear about Doug. To those of us who are left at the Sun, the memories of how important he was to the paper lived on after his last column. I knew from you that he was getting frail, but still I viewed him as indestructible. Maybe from his attitude, which could be snarky at tim...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Edouard Champagne
    My sincere condolences to you and the family. I know that you were very close to your father and that his passing will be an inspiration for you to carry on his journalistic legacy. Yesterday after having brunch with Lyn and Lenore (Henderson) McIntosh, (Lynn you remember as coach, CAST and of cou...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • David and Teresa Jones
    Our deepest condolences. Teresa and I much enjoyed seeing and talking with Doug when we visited Ottawa. We even had a fascinating dinner with him at the Mill several years ago when he was still able to get around with only a cane. We talked not a word of politics--our discussion was essentially li...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Gary Mossman
    A remarkable life I am deeply saddened by the news of your father's passing. I met Doug for the first time a few years ago, while researching a book on Lloyd Percival. We spent about four hours together at his home, discussing sports, culture, native issues, politics and forestry. His remarkable ra...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Hon. Edward Lumley
    Messers, Mark, Matthew, Tobias, John and Luke Fisher Gentlemen: It is with mixed emotions that I write this e-mail. On one hand, I am very saddened to hear of your father’s passing. On the other, I want to celebrate the life of a truly wonderful gentleman. I also feel very guilty in that I neve...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Peter deRosenroll
    I am saddened to hear of your father's death. Was he back in the Pentland house at the time? That would have been nice. Just one day short of 90 - the rest of us can only hope to live so long and with such clarity of mind and strength of intellect. I have many fond memories of time spent with your ...
    Posted in Others Say
  • Heather Prittie
    Hi Matthew I think I am a few years older than you and remember both your parents very well -- social occasions at our house in Ottawa, over lunches in the Parliamentary cafeteria (my favourite place at the time). Over later years, during visits Dad often showed me and wanted to discuss pieces your...
    Posted in Others Say
  • Nancy Greene Raine
    I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your father. I remember well working with him on the Task Force on Sport report, and his excellent writing had a lot to do with the report getting the attention of decision makers at the time. He was a really good person. I know it is always a sad time to l...
    Posted in Others Say
  • Robert Cheadle
    I join fellow students in celebrating a pretty good history teacher at PACI in 1957. Douglas Fisher had the courage to try to convince our grade 10 sophisticates that history and current affairs was interesting, challenging, even stimulating! Many will now reflect on the high school years, and remem...
    Posted in Others Say
  • P. Anderson
    I remember Doug Fisher as a big guy: big voice, big body, big opinions. But always ready to listen. Such a sensible and wise commentator. Readers of the business magazine I edited in the 1980s, and where Doug's column was among the best read of the lot, were indeed fortunate to have access to his in...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • Susan Reisler
    Doug Fisher was a guiding light for me when I started work as a journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery in 1970 – first for Canadian University Press, and months later, United Press International. Hard to believe but in those days it was a men’s gallery; Doug was not in that mould. He willingl...
    Posted in Others Say
  • Eleanor Dunn
    Back in the early '70s, I was working at CJOH-TV in Ottawa as a reporter/editor/producer. "Talking heads" were still a big part of Newsline at that time due partially to technology limitations but also due to the station's financial insecurity. When producing Newsline, one of my tasks was to line ...
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  • G Lawrence
    As a young man of 17 in then Port Arthur(Thunder Bay) my first real interest in politics began in the Federal election of 1957.Mr Fishers shocking upset of the then invincible CD Howe was the catalyze for my support of the then CCF for a number of years.Mr Fisher and the then Saskatchewan Tommy D...
    Posted in In loving memory
  • alan eagleson
    Doug was the catalyst who helped the 1972 Canada- Soviet Series take place. he took the leadership role with Hockey Canada when Chairman Charles Hay became ill. He worked with me and the late William Wirtz,owner of the Chicago Blackhawks, to make the series happen. Without Doug's support, there wo...
    Posted in In loving memory